I look p cute today I think I’m ready 2 take over the world

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"your right hand has never touched your right elbow" I’m so upset



im serious. its 2014. dont bring back façade


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had enough of your shit

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I keep forgetting that “nice as dicks” is not an appropriate phrase for a work environment

Hey Ashy! Sorry to bother you but do you mind tagging any fnaf posts from now on? FNAF kinda scares me uwu

omg yes of course!!!! I don’t mind at all thank you for telling me ;;

  • aries: married a hagraven
  • taurus: doesn't get to the cloud district very often
  • gemini: took an arrow to the knee
  • cancer: never has enough perk points
  • leo: ctd on showracemenu
  • virgo: does the bard's college questline
  • libra: came riding to whiterun from ole rorikstead
  • scorpio: only plays vanilla, no mods ever
  • sagittarius: never should have come here
  • aquarius: crushing on brynjolf
  • pisces: has 1000 unfinished miscellaneous objectives

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#I'm a fucking meme


i talk a lot of shit for someone who can’t choose rude dialogue options in games because i’m scared of hurting a characters feelings

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